Build for Peace

The Build for Peace course aims at inspiring and teaching children and youths the concept of PEACE, as well as the 17 SDGs by using LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY methodology as a learning platform. The project will be graded into levels in order to suit participants age, which also corresponds to the 3 areas (people, ecological, spiritual) of SDGs. Upon completion of the programme, participants are expected to become a peacemaker and promote messages related to the 5 aspects of peace.

Tai Chi For Peace

The aim for the event is to share the thousand-year Chinese Tai Chi yin yang culture, promoting the strong and harmonious lifestyle to achieve world peace.

Plant for Peace

Growing our own food is the first step in making a difference for our planet, our communities and ourselves, and pave the way to a more sustainable future. Visit Rooftop Republic Urban Farming’s booth to learn more about how citizen action can help change the future of our food, and join in an interactive hands-on planting workshop where you get to grow your own edibles and take it home to grow.


Embrace the culture of  Chinese Calligraphy by writing traditional Chinese Fai Chun. Demonstrate writing Fai Chun ‘Doufang’ with the Chinese word ‘Fu’, and and integrate it with Arabic numerals 2018, Chinese character ‘dog’ (zodiac sign of the year) and English word ‘peace’.