Moments of Peace Photo Competition

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Theme and Goal

Our theme is to demonstrate and reflect on the value of peace. We believe that this event would give the participants a fun platform to learn and understand people with different cultural backgrounds and ideas through sharing of photos, thus enhancing cultural collaboration.

There are two stages of the competition:

  • “Moments of Peace” Photo Competition;
  • “Peace Happy Moment” Photo Competition (Details will be announced later)

First Stage: Moments of Peace


Take photos of your everyday Peace encounter. Time, subject and location not limited.


  • Public (no age limit)
  • Post-secondary (full-time post-secondary students)
  • Secondary (full-time secondary students)
  • Primary (full-time primary students)

There will be a Champion, a 1st Runner-up and a 2nd Runner-up as well as 2 outstanding prizes for each division

To enter

Participate please submit the following form

Registration Form

and upload the photos to this Dropbox or send email to

Photos will be collected until 31 Jan 2020.


Tel: 3158-2889 Whatsapp: 5288-4764 Email:



  1. Photos can be taken by DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras, or drones/video cameras or mobile phones.
  2. Photo submissions must be JPEG files with a minimum resolution of 8 Megapixels and 1MB to 5MB file size.
  3. Each participate can only enter one division
  4. Please describe who/what is in the photo, the location or city where the picture was taken, and the ideas/message that you want to express with the photo in the registration form.
  5. All entries must be taken by the participates themselves Participants should ensure there is no infringement of interests or copyright issues. All liability and consequences shall be borne by the participants
  6. The Organiser has the right to display/publish the entries on the Internet, in publications of the Organiser and through other publicity media without paying any royalty to the participants
  7. The organiser reserves the right to amend this guideline at any time without prior notice
  8. Results will be published in this website (


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