[:en]Since 2015, there are over 50 schools and organisations participated in the programme. This peace activities aim at inspiring the young to become the driving force behind the vision of a united and sustainable world by advancing active learning in mutual respect for others and the world we live in. Schools and organisations can set their own aims, objectives, size and format for their peace initiatives which promote or deliver messages of peace-building, peace-making, peace-bonding or peace sustaining through poems, essays, speeches, art, designs, crafts, songs, music, dances, musicals, drama, films, sports or any creative movement to raise the awareness of peace.

Past Activities

[:zh]自2015年起,總共有超過五十間學校及團體參與校本和平活動。為纪念響應聯合國國際🕊和平日(9月21日),學校及團體支持並舉辦有關和平活動。期望透過活動,宣揚和平及彼此尊重等信息, 培養學生正面價值觀。 本年的主題為「攜手為和平:人人享有尊重、安全和尊嚴」。​


[:ch]自2015年起,总共有超过五十间学校及团体参与校本和平活动。为纪念响应联合国国际和平日(9月21日),学校及团体支持并举办有关和平活动。期望透过活动,宣扬和平及彼此尊重等信息, 培养学生正面价值观。 本年的主题为「携手为和平:人人享有尊重、安全和尊严」。​